Shannon Hale; Dean Hale; Nathan Hale. Rapunzel escapes her tower-prison all on her own, only to discover a world beyond what she'd ever known before. Add tags for "Rapunzel's Revenge". This stunning, hilarious, and action-packed graphic novel co-written by New York Times bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Shannon Hale. tale's distinctive features are present in Rapunzel's Revenge, in the title character's by Newbery Honor–winning writer Shannon Hale, Rapunzel's Revenge is.

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Children's Picture BooksBook ListsYour Child. Great Illustrated Titles. This annual award honors the illustrator of the "most distinguished American picture book. Rapunzel's Revenge. Look, I'm not dumb. I have eyes. I can see. I realize that I am 17 years old, and do not have a single suitor. It's ridiculous! I'm the youngest. Paperity: the 1st multidisciplinary aggregator of Open Access journals & papers. Free fulltext PDF articles from hundreds of disciplines, all in one place.

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Omen of the Stars 2: Fading Echoes by Erin Hunter. Power of Three 6: Sunrise by Erin Hunter. Ravenpaw's Farewell by Erin Hunter. Ravenpaw's Path: Secrets of the Clans by Erin Hunter. The Broken Code 1: However, King Raul appointed Alacazar instead, making Fiero angry. Fiero became an evil wizard looking for revenge. But he was turned into a statue by Mateo. However, he was revived in "Rise of the Sorceress" by Shuriki and the Delgados and joined forces with them to take back the kingdom.

In the "Song of the Sirenas" special, however, in a clash between Fiero and Mateo, the malvago is turned into a statue once again by Mateo, freeing Avalor from the malvago once more. Orizaba Eden Espinosa is a moth fairy that appeared in "The Scepter of Light" where she tried to plunge the kingdom into darkness with the Eye of Midnight, but Elena managed to defeat her and destroy the Eye forever. She returns in "Finding Zuzo" where she captures Zuzo and attempts to steal his magic stripes in order to return to the mortal world and get revenge on Elena but is once again defeated after stumbling over the skin of a banana, causing her to fall into a pit of lava where she is forever gone into oblivion.

Troyo Grant George is an evil magical coyote who appears in the episode, "Flight of the Jaquins". Long ago, he used to go around tricking people into doing bad stuff for him so he could be King of the Jungle.

For this, the Jaquins kicked him out of the jungle. But was defeated by Skylar and his brother Nico by trapping him with his own trap. He is then tied up in gold vines by the Noblins and taken away.

Victor Delgado Lou Diamond Phillips who was the son of the royal treasurer until the day he and Esteban conspired together to help Shuriki take over Avalor.

However, Victor and his family were banished from Avalor by Shuriki for years until Elena took the kingdom back. In "King of the Carnaval," Victor and his daughter Carla returned and tried to steal the jewels from the royal treasury until they were stopped and banished by Elena.

Victor and Carla returned in "Elena of Avalor: Realm of the Jaquins" where they steal a powerful jewel from the Jaquin realm and free Marimonda, in the end Victor and Carla are revealed to be working for Shuriki to help her take over Avalor again in exchange for making them Malvagos.

In "Song of the Sirenas", after Shuriki has been finally killed off by Princess Elena and Fiero is turned back into a statue by Mateo, Victor and Carla escape with Cruz, Vestia, and the jewel of the Scepter of Night and are currently still on the loose. After he and Carla are abandoned by Cruz and Vestia due to Victor constantly insulting Cruz , they are later reunited with Ash, Victor's long lost wife.

In "Not Without My Magic", after reconciling with Ash, he shows her the Specter of Night's Jewel, who then plans to use it to take over Avalor alongside her husband and daughter. In "Naomi Knows Best", he is captured after a failed attempt to steal Elena's magic while Ash and Carla escape, vowing to rescue him later.

She has spent time undercover in the Avalor palace as Rita, and is reunited with her long-lost mother in "Snow Place Like Home".

Elena manages to catch her by trapping her in a magic jar and sent back to the Jaquin realm. He first appeared in "A Spy in the Palace," his major role was in "Shapeshifters" where Chief Zephyr takes away his position due to him not listening and refusing to learn.

Angered, he locks Chief Zephyr in a cave and frames Elena and her friends for his disappearance. Elena managed to free Zephyr and clear her name, then she helped catch Cruz and lock him up for treason. Cruz swore he would return with the help of his sister.

Vestia Diane Guerrero is a Jaquin and the twin sister of Cruz. He is later revealed to be in allegiance with Shuriki, having agreed to help her take over Avalor in exchange for gold. After Shuriki's defeat, he is captured and arrested for betraying his own family.

Malandros are evil shapeshifting dolphin-like creatures who are known enemies to the sirenas. When Daria is reluctant to make peace with the humans, she makes a deal with the Malandros to prevent the signing of the peace treaty between humans and sirenas, only for the Malandros to double-cross her and take over the sirenas' kingdom after destroying all the coral alarms used to keep the Malandros away.Imprisoned in a tower by Gothel for her rebelliousness for years, Rapunzel makes her escape using her hair, which has grown magically long.

Marlena Gaby Moreno is a singer and Mateo's family friend.

Star Wolf by Kathryn Lasky. Rapunzel--Juvenile fiction; Graphic novels--Juvenile fiction; Books--Reviews; Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale has teamed up with her husband to create a delightfully whacky graphic novel version of Rapunzel.

A Vision of Shadows 6: However, he was revived in "Rise of the Sorceress" by Shuriki and the Delgados and joined forces with them to take back the kingdom. If I'm not too much mistaken there seemed to be a visual Pippi Longstocking reference going on for much of the book hey man, I always said she was the original female superhero. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.